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CHC Announces 12 New Apprentices for UK Engineering Operations

Monday, October 29, 2018

CHC Helicopter is recruiting 12 new apprentice engineers as it looks to strengthen its capabilities in the UK.

The company currently employs approximately 100 engineers in its main operational centre in Aberdeen and other UK locations at Humberside and Norwich.

“CHC is pleased to be commencing its apprenticeship program again in 2018, strengthening the company by building our long-term capability,” said Regional Director, Mark Abbey.

He added: “We have seen steady improvement in oil and gas sector in the North Sea basin leading to greater confidence among operators. This, combined with our continued focus on delivering for the offshore renewable industry has led us to begin training the next generation of flight engineers.”

“We are investing in the future and our long-standing commitment to bringing through capable and competent individuals will continue."

CHC’s regional maintenance manager, Lee James, said: “The combination of training in helicopter avionics and mechanical engineering is a crucial part of the job and CHC is playing a leading role in training the engineers of the future.”

CHC is currently recruiting licensed engineers for its Aberdeen operation. To find out more and apply, visit the CHC careers page at www.chcheli.com

The company's next generation of helicopter engineers will be mentored by Eddie Matthews, who has worked for the company for 40 years.

Eddie said: “The pace of change in the aviation industry has been incredible, with computers and software playing a much greater role. In some ways this has made the job less hands-on as the technology plays a greater role and we have become more avionics specialists.

“But we still have to be expert mechanics. Helicopters are some of the most complex and sophisticated machines in the world, so the job is challenging, but also very rewarding."