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CHC Supports HeliOffshore AW139 System Reliability and Resilience Workstream

Monday, November 5, 2018

For the past several years, CHC Helicopter has played a key role in advancing safety in the rotorcraft industry as a founding member of HeliOffshore. A number of CHC employees at different roles and levels have offered their time, effort and expertise to tackle a range of issues to elevate safety around the world.

In early October, Carlos Nascimento and Eko Yudianto, engineers from CHC’s Atyrau base in Kazakhstan, joined a cross-industry workshop that sought to help Leonardo improve the maintenance program for the AW139 with specific inputs from the engineers and operators responsible for them in the field. HeliOffshore members are now using Human Hazard Analysis techniques to identify ways to make aircraft maintenance safer through improvements to both the process and design. The initiative was established earlier this year through an initial workshop involving engineers from Airbus Helicopters and Heli-One.

Nascimento and Yudianto joined representatives of Weststar, an operator based in Malaysia, as well as senior members of HeliOffshore to review safety-critical maintenance activities for the AW139, including the drive system, the main rotor, tail rotor assemblies, main rotor drive and tail rotor drive assemblies. The goal of this effort was to review each individual critical task and gather academic measureable data ratings for possible single foreseeable error that can lead to a catastrophic accident. This process, known as Human Hazard Analysis (HHA), was the second workshop for the AW139 in 2018 and comes in advance of planned workshop for the H175 later this year.

“I’m proud that CHC Helicopter is proactively involved in this project,” said Yudianto. “I’m proud to see how we are part of driving safety not only within the company but for the global aviation industry, especially oil and gas, in general.”

“Each of the individuals who have made the team this week are excellent, both in terms of their subject matter expertise but also in the way where, having only met for the first time [for this project], they quickly came together and threw themselves whole heartedly into the task and the aspirations, through great team work and respect for each other,” said Scott Carmichael, Project Manager for HeliOffshore. “All are excellent ambassadors for their professions and their companies, and I could not have wished for a more high performing and pleasant team of people for this workshop.”

From here, HeliOffshore will do a similar HHA for each helicopter type to help drive safety across all fleets. To learn more about the scope of HeliOffshore’s efforts to reduce the safety risk of aircraft maintenance and see the beginnings of this program, check out “Designing Out Human Error,” which appeared in the March 2018 of Aerospace Magazine