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Building a More Effective Maintenance Training Program

Thursday, August 9, 2018


At CHC, one of our strengths as a company is our ability to apply our global standards and experience consistently, anywhere in the world for our customers. As we reviewed feedback and prioritized projects for our Taking Care safety campaign, we saw a need to carefully review our technical training programs and create a new system that drew on our global experience and common standards while also best utilizing the expertise contained in each of our regions.

Over the past several months, we have conducted a very thorough analysis of our current training program and spoken with team members across our regions to get their perspective. We learned a lot about the need to create a system for our regions to share specific and up-to-date input with CAE, our global training partner, to better customize the material for each training. We saw how important it is for formal, structured communication between our regions and CAE that includes local data and context to shape each training course.

We also identified the need to measure more accurately the effectiveness of our training so we can continue to refine and improve our offerings. The training team will now measure several important metrics to track this effort, including the number of safety incidents, maintenance event costs, and overall compliance.

Finally, we made several structural changes, including changing the accountability for maintenance training from the Flight Operations team to our Maintenance organization. We are also exploring new ways to offer training – including online or interactive components that are still tailored to be relevant for those taking courses, while also meeting regulatory requirements. The team is also working to update our training manuals.

“Our commitment to improving our maintenance training is ongoing, but we have a lot to be energized about,” said Andrew Talbott, Business Development Maintenance Manager for CHC. “We look forward to developing a new and improved program that meets the unique needs across our operations and continuing to build on our reputation for excellence throughout the world.”