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CHC is a trusted and reliable offshore transportation partner enabling oil and gas customers to safely reach beyond boundaries to explore and develop in some of the world’s most isolated, deep-water sites. We have decades of experience flying people to and from offshore platforms and vessels in challenging conditions in the remotest environments.

We carry nearly two million passengers each year, safely and efficiently, to workplaces off the coasts of Australia, Brazil, Norway, the United Kingdom, Canada, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Our global teams of experts take pride in using our advanced fleet and innovative technology to provide world-class, fit-for-purpose solutions for our customers. With bases of operation worldwide, we can respond quickly, efficiently, and safely to meet our customers’ needs. We have decades of experience quickly mobilizing custom solutions anywhere in the world, no matter how remote or specialized. We offer the same global standards for safety and efficiency wherever we operate, which means we can benefit customers of any size and scale. No matter the location or need, our global logistics team provides rapid sourcing.

Our global reach means we call dozens of places around the world “home.” In some locations, we’ve been part of the community for more than 50 years, so we’re committed to investing in local supply partners and talent. CHC operates in a variety of countries and cultures around the world that are in various stages of economic development on behalf of oil and gas companies and governments, so we focus our efforts on contributing to communities in a meaningful and lasting way. We seek ways to provide employment, skills transfer, and development opportunities for local citizens to improve participation in the workforce.

Our unique ability to quickly mobilize and maintain peak operational readiness in any environment or geography allows us to reach beyond where others go, including some of the most distant and challenging locations worldwide –whether off or on shore.