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CHC exceeds 40,000 flight hours on its Australian AW 139 Fleet

Monday, October 19, 2020

19 October, 2020 – IRVING, TX  CHC Group, one of the world’s leading helicopter services and maintenance, repair and overhaul providers, today announced it had recently passed 40,000 flight hours on their Leonardo AW139 helicopter fleet in Australia.

As the first commercial operator of the AW139 in Australia, CHC has operated the AW139 in a diverse range of missions including aeromedical, offshore passenger transport and search and rescue since 2008. The fleet of 10 includes advanced Search and Rescue variants based across Australia incorporating High-Definition Thermal Cameras, Night Vision, Marine Vessel Identification, Enhanced Autopilot SAR modes (commonly known at autohover technology) and Long Range Fuel Tanks.

A number of aircraft previously operated in an aeromedical role were upgraded for Search and Rescue in 2018 and recently provided valuable support during the Victorian bushfires, highlighting CHC's experience and the versatility of the AW139.

“CHC is proud to have achieved this milestone on our AW139 fleet in support of our customers”, said Vince D’Rozario, Regional Director for CHC’s Asia-Pacific region. “It is a testament to CHC’s experience on the type and the dedication of our engineering and operations teams that produce the industry’s highest availability on the AW139. We look forward to increasing and innovating our AW 139 fleet in the future.”



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